Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Driving Freedom and Ponying Mischa

This week so far has been great. Sunday I drove Daisy because I had a friend who was in the area and I had promised her if she ever is around, I would give her a cart ride. Monday was rainy so I didn't work with the horses at all. I did spend some time at the barn doing some odds and ends. Today (Tuesday), I vaccinated both my horses. Sarah asked me if I would give Mischa his vaccinations too since she had never administered shots before. She had been at the barn an hour or so before I got there, so I asked her what she wanted to do. She had already worked Mischa. I told her I would be into driving Freedom and then she asked if she could pony Mischa off the back of the cart. That is what we did. Mischa did great, he got exercise, and Freedom got a good workout. I hadn't driven him in a while because I had been doing a lot of groundwork lately in preparation to ride him toward the end of this month. So excited about riding him!! :) :) I did groom both horses but other than that didn't do anything with Daisy. Tomorrow evening I have church, but I plan to work Daisy hopefully on Thursday evening. Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!

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