Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pictures and Riding

Tonight I took some time to just take some pictures of the horses. I didn't really get any full body shots because both horses were enjoying the sun and not overly enthused about having their ears perked. So I am going to try some more this weekend and hopefully get some nice full body shots. I also took time to ride Daisy. We worked at a trot pretty much the entire time. I hadn't ridden her in a while (well Monday I rode her, but before that) so I was really pleased with how she did for me. I did some upward and downward transitions and she did really well with those. She hardly needed any reminders with the reins, all thru seat and body cues. I didn't ride her for very long since I had spent so much time taking pictures. I am hoping to get to work her Friday as well as Saturday but we shall see. Also hoping to work with Freedom this weekend. I can't believe it that in a week on Friday, he turns TWO! Tomorrow evening I won't get much time with my horses but I am excited about what I am doing (will tell more about that Friday probably).

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