Saturday, May 31, 2014

Lunging Freedom and Riding Daisy

I didn't work with either horse like I had wanted to this week. A few evenings it rained but I hadn't been feeling to well all week. Last evening I just went to bed early instead of going to sleep out with the youth girls at my youth leaders house. I did feel a bit better this morning.

I went to the horses this afternoon. I worked with Freedom on the lunge line and afterwards I worked him a bit on moving his hindquarters. This evening I am going to be writing out a training schedule for him. I know he might not stay on schedule but it will help me keep my goals in order for him. I want him to be trained as good as I am able to get him on the ground for when I get ready to ride him come fall. After I had worked with him, I hosed him off and put him out in the meadow again.

I brought Daisy in. I had planned to ride her and decided to ride her bareback with the bit again after having ridden her with the hackamore the last few rides. We went around the block which was about an hour ride. She did a really good job but I want to do some fine tuning work with her this week. I am hoping to work with the horses every evening this next week but we shall see how the weather and other things work out. I am excited to see how far I get with the horses this summer because I feel this summer I will have more time than I have had with the horses in a while :)

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