Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Working Freedom, Children Riding Daisy, and The Cabin

Thursday evening I worked with Freedom a bit. I got him to move his feet and then after a bit allowed him to come to me and he came and followed me. Friday I had planned to work with the horses but instead went to help my family set up at the show in Kinzers (half an hour from our place). Rose Mary and I came home around lunch time and did the chores and packed to go to the cabin. We left to meet everyone at 2.
I had a relaxing weekend at the cabin. I was able to chat and spend time with friends and get to know some people better. We came home Sunday afternoon. I spent my evening listening to Radio Theatre's "Billy Bud, Sailor" (dramatization of Herman Melville's story) as well as spending time with my family. Monday I did a lot of different things. I had planned to ride Daisy and work with Freedom but instead mowed the meadow. :)
Today I brought Cameron and Jackson to my house (the two boys I babysit). Before lunch I took them to the horses and let them both ride Daisy. My mom had gone with me so she could watch the boys and make sure they stay on Daisy nicely. I was impressed with how sweet Daisy was with the boys. I let Cameron guide her with me standing by her head and she listened to him quite well. I want to see about letting Rachel ride Daisy a bit and see how that goes with her. This evening it rained. I had planned to go to a graduation but haven't been feeling all that well the last bit so stayed home. Tomorrow I hope I feel a bit better. If I do, then I hope to ride Daisy and work with Freedom. We shall see.

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