Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Lots of Groundwork

Above is another one of the photos that my mom took on Saturday. I am just amazed at how tall Freedom has gotten. He is looking quite nice :) So this week I haven't done so well with working Daisy every day like I wanted because between helping my parents get ready for the show and my funny work schedule, I haven't had time to work her. I did get to work with Freedom every day since Monday though because I am just doing groundwork with him. I have mainly been working on a turn on the haunches and on the forehand, and he has greatly improved. He has been doing pretty amazing and I believe very soon I will be ready to teach him to sidepass. The rest of this week I won't get to work with either horse because I am going to be heading up to meet my family at the show they left for today. So I will be busy with the show. Next week we have Bible school and I am teaching 1+2nd grade :) Depending on how my week goes I am hoping to still work with Freedom even if I don't get to work with Daisy. Then the week following Bible school is my last week of work and then I should have more time to work with the horses. Hope that you have a wonderful rest of the week!!
sunset a week or two ago

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