Monday, June 23, 2014

Catching Up

Its been quite a while since I blogged. Its been quite a busy month so far and I don't really see my summer slowing down. It will help that I will be working for my dad after Wednesday of this week. It is hard to believe I only have two more days of working as a nanny for this family for this school year. I plan to work for Dad for the summer and this family asked me back so I plan to work for them next school year. :)
Last week I had Bible school every evening so I didn't work with the horses at all. Friday I had off from work so I gave both horses a bath. I had worked with Freedom first. I was going to drive him and I did for a little bit before my tire on the cart went flat. So I need to fix that :) I didn't have time to work with Daisy but it was good to give both horses a bath.
I wasn't planning to go deep sea fishing with my youth group on Saturday but it ended up working out. I caught a star fish (which I kept), a sea creature that looked like a miniature sting ray, and a fish that was too small to keep. Overall our group caught 30 fish though. It was quite an enjoyable day!!

I had asked Anthony if he would show me how to run the weed whacker so I could do all the weed whacking around the outside of the meadow as well as along the dividing fence in the meadow. So I got there this morning before he left for work. It wasn't working so he left and I messed with it a bit more and got it running. I was able to get all the weed whacking done in 2 hrs. I came home and walked Lucy. I ran some errands with my family this afternoon then, this evening, I was able to work with my horses. First though, I worked with Mika, Anthony and Lori's horse that I am going to be training. She is an older horse who hasn't had work in a while so they want me to get her ready to ride for their children. I believe she will make a good child's horse. I worked her in the round pen tonight and I could tell she knew what she was doing. I was quite impressed with how she did. In the end she joined up with me and then followed me. I also got her to back up and do some other groundwork. Then I gave her a bath and put her out.
I then worked with Freedom. I lunged him and got him to do some work at the canter. I am very pleased with where he is with his training. Thursday the vet is coming out to geld him so not sure how that will all affect our work schedule but we will play it by ear. I actually didn't ride Daisy myself but Anthony and Lori's two girls, Brooke and Cali rode Daisy. I called my mom and asked her if she wanted to bring Rachel up. She did so, I let Rachel ride Daisy as well. :) Tomorrow evening I am hoping to ride Daisy and work with Freedom a bit.

Brooke and Daisy
 Rachel and Daisy (cell phone photos :)

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