Thursday, September 4, 2014

Riding Freedom and Daisy

Wednesday evening I asked my sister Rachel if she wanted to go with me to the horses. I planned to drive Freedom and wanted some company. I drove Freedom around the block which is a bit longer than I usually drive him but he is built up for it. I was really pleased because he drove really nicely for me and did really well with the extra time. When we got back I took two of Anthony and Lori's children for a very short ride up the road and back.

Today I had off from work because Jimmy had off today and tomorrow but tomorrow I still have the boys. Anyway I cooked and put the salsa in the jars that I had put together last evening. We had some extra tomatoes, peppers and jalapenos in the garden that needed using so why not make some salsa. After lunch I went to the horses.

iphone photo of the salsa

I knew that this week I wanted to give both horses a bath at some point and I figured I would do that on Saturday if no other time worked. Since I knew I had the time I figured I might as well work the horses then give them baths. I decided to work with Freedom first. I had planned that I would wait till Sept/Oct to start riding Freedom. Today I lunged him first and then got on him for a short bit and rode him around. He did really amazing. I just used my voice cue that I use to tell him to walk and off he went. We did a few turns around the back of the barn and then I got off. I was so pleased with the first ride. Probably won't ride him again till next week but I plan to drive him again later this week. I want to take it slow with starting him but I am so excited to be riding him though it will be for short periods here for the first while.

riding Freedom

After I rode Freedom, I gave him his bath. Then I left him dry while I rode Daisy. I took Daisy down the road and we just went on a leisurely ride. I enjoy riding her and she did really well. Tomorrow I want to drive her or Freedom but if it works out, I want to work both horses. When we got back, I gave Daisy her bath too. Overall I enjoyed spending a good part of my afternoon with my horses and I feel like I got a nice bit done.

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