Tuesday, September 2, 2014

It's September!

It has been a busy week :) Wednesday (August 27) I wasn't able to ride due to having a meeting. It also was my first day back at work which I am so thankful for. Looking forward to another great school year with Cameron and Jackson! Then on Thursday evening my friend Elana was staying the night. She is serving at Mountain View in VA right now but she was in the area for the weekend and stayed by my place. Then on Friday Tyler came up and was here for the weekend as well. Friday evening Rose Mary, Elana, Tyler and I went biking at the Union Canal Trail in Reading. We had a gorgeous evening for a bike ride. After our bike ride we went to a Chinese buffet for supper. Saturday we had an afternoon wedding so our afternoon was spent there. Sunday we had church and then ate lunch at my grandma's house. After lunch Tyler and I went riding with another dating couple and for the evening then my family had some friends over to meet Tyler. Labor Day we went riding with Josh, Chris, MaryRose, Sarah, Rose Mary, Tyler and I at Sharon's place. After riding we ate went for lunch. Then Tyler and I came back here to my house and did a few things till he had to leave. Overall we had a wonderful weekend.

This evening I was able to work with Daisy. I did some bareback and bridleless riding and mainly worked on just fine tuning my cues with her. It took her a bit but she got into it pretty quickly and was really responsive. I wasn't sure I would have time to ride since I was planning to meet a friend and it looked like rain but I was able to ride in the rain for a bit. I am hoping to work with Daisy and Freedom tomorrow evening but we shall see how the evening goes. Hope you are having a wonderful September thus far!

On a side note, I just noticed that this is the 900th post that I published. I can't believe I have been posting for that long :) Hope you have enjoyed reading thus far!

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