Friday, November 12, 2010

400th Post!! Friday's Ride and Lugning!!

Today I did ride Daisy for a bit :) Well first I lunged her to see how she was doing then I got on her. Her sore is not really sore anymore and is really healing up!! The proud flesh is pretty much gone now and I think the healing process will really speed up soon! Anyway I rode her bareback and just for a little but but enough to get her to listen to me. I rode just at a walk because I am not used to her enough here at home yet to ride any faster :) Each horse is different as far as their gaits and such!! :D Anyway then I lunged her and she did really good with that as well. She was testing me but I straightened her out and then she listened. I was very pleased. Once I was finished lunging her I turned my shoulder away from her to see if she would follow me and follow she did. It is so awesome. I don't think I will ever get over that :D Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

p.s. Can't believe I posted 400 messages :D Seems like a lot!!

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