Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday's Lunging and Groundwork!!

If you read my other blog that I sent out earlier then you will know I had some problems with Daisy pinning her ears. Well I figured I am going to work with her this evening if I get the chance. I got the chance :D Anyway I took her into the corral and blocked off her run in so she wouldn't go in there and the other area and then I free lunged her. It isn't really big enough to go faster than the trot but it works for what I wanted to do. Before I free lunged her I got her to move her forhand and hindquarters and she did very well. When I asked her to move her hindquarters she didn't even pin her ears..very good! Once I was done with that I free lunged her. Everytime I asked her to change directions she did so by turning to face me and going the other way. It took forever to get Beauty to do that exact thing..hehe and Daisy does it without thinking!! She pinned her ears (as a sign of agression..I am learning the difference between the agressive pinning and when she just had her ears back as though she is listening to me because I do know that when they are down flat that that is not good..and that is what she did..she would do it for a bit then stop but still not good..not sure what is up with that..she did it a few times when I was riding her..the one time was when I was with Sharon and we rode past other horses Daisy pinned her is a bad habit!) a few times but I took care of that. I think with a little work on that she won't do it after a while!! Anyway I watched her and she lowered her head and was flicking her ears in as she was paying attention to me. I stopped her and turned away from her and she followed me after a few times of doing this. I was so happy. I praiesed her and told her she is a good girl.

I then got a plastic tarp out. I have always wanted to do this with Navajo but never got around to it. I put it on the ground and as I was rolling it out Daisy comes over and sniffs it and puts her one hoof on it even before I was done undoing it. I was happy with that. She didn't even blow at it she was just curious. I got her to walk over it and stand on it and it didn't bother her one iota. I was so proud. Then after I had rolled it up and was doing a few other things in the corral there she was sniffing it and even tasted it once..LOL. She also stepped on it. I had to think that she is very curious but before she really gets scared about anything she first checks it out. I think that is so awesome!!

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