Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday's RIDE!!

I rode Daisy again this morning :) I got my bucket out and put it in the yard and brought Daisy over to get on her. Well right away I had a problem with her moving her but over so I couldn't get on her and I figured it out that it was because she is used to me always getting on her with stirrups and she can't really get away from that but she can get away from me when I try to get on bareback by moving her behind away from me. I was like this isn't going to work you are going to have to listen to me no matter what (see my cousin Melanie wanted to ride so I wanted to get on Daisy first and ride a bit before Melanie got on). It took quite a bit of doing but I got Daisy to stand nicely beside the bucket and I got on her. The first few times she walked/trotted off before I was on right (which I figured she would do so instead of swinging my leg over her I just kinda put my body over her first). Finally I got on her and then I rode her for a bit and she didn't want to turn and such but I worked with her a bit and she did real well so I went over to the bucket to let my cousin get on Daisy. Daisy gave us a bit of a run around again before standing by the bucket again but she did stand there again like she was supposed to!! Then the few times my cousin tried to get on Daisy moved before she (my cousin) could even get on so I got Daisy and got her to stand nicely again and then I got on her. She took off again before I was ready so I grabbed on her neck so I wouldn't fall off. Crazy horse. I figured out that this is something we are going to work on :D Then since I was on already I got my cousin to get on behind me with Daisy standing nicely then I got off and led my cousin around :) I think although it might not seem like we accomplished much I did get Daisy to stand nicely besdie the bucket a few times and that is good :)
My cousin wanted me to see me join up with Daisy so I lunged her and then stopped her and got Daisy to follow me. I think that is one of the things I love the most is having a horse that follows :) Overall today was already a successful day!

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