Friday, November 19, 2010

Daisy Laying Down!!

Guess what talking this morning I looked out the window before heading out to pick up piles and give Daisy water and so on and I saw she was laying down so I hurreid out there. She saw me and didn't get up so I was like that is a good sign. I walked out there at a regular speed and the closer I got she didn't move. Then as i got closer she acted as though she was going to get up so I said "easy girl" and slowed down. I went up to her and just sat by her. I was so proud of her and so happy. That just made my day..she trusts me enough to let me by her when she is the most vulnerable. She amazes me more each day!! Horses are so awesome and I said Navajo was a horse of a liftime (he was and still is) but so is Daisy!! I didn't even see Navajo lay down till after I had him a few months and even then he didn't let me by him. I have Daisy only about 3 or more weeks here and she is letting me by her. But she is just special..I know it :)

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