Thursday, November 18, 2010

Horse Therapy!!

Here is a poem for today:

Horse Therapy
I come home from work, I'm tired and I'm grumpy
Twelve hours of stress, No wonder I'm jumpy.
But there's no rest for me, there they stand at the gate
They whinny and neigh, asking why are you late?
I go up the drive and into the house
A frown for my kid, a scowl for my spouse.
They just smile in return, can see it's been a hard day
They know what I need and let me go on my way.
I change to my good clothes, Paddock boots, scuffed and worn,
Faded old t'shirt, jeans that are torn.
Then it's out to the barn, where I feed and I mutter
clean out some stalls and carry some water.
"Groom your horse everyday" I once read in a book
so I pull out some brushes and give each a look.
M'Lady always needs cleaning, Big Jane looks just fine,
I could work on Hawks mane, but I'd be wasting my time.
I put back the brushes and check all twelve feet
Pat 3 velvet noses and give each a treat.
Now walk back to the house, my steps aren't so snappy
I'm more tired than ever, BUT AT LEAST NOW I'M HAPPY.
Poem by D who is Classic Lady Jane's Mom here on HC!
Her number is: 189648
I didn't do anything but love on Daisy yesterday because
of the fact that it was raining the other day..Nothing much going on here otherwise!!

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