Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday's Ride!!

This evening I did get to ride (didn't start to rain yet). I figured I am not going to lunge Daisy since this morning's crazy lunge session she did well toward the end. I put her hackamore on and then got the bucket and put it by her. She moved a little but not near like Saturday. I got up on the bucket and placed my hands on her withers and her back and she didn't move. I hopped on and she stayed still. I was so very pleased. Such an improvement over Saturday. I was happy! Then we headed out the back field at a walk. We walked the whole way and I am not sure how long we rode for but she did very well. I was so very happy!! Hehe I said that already but it was such an improvement..I almost couldn't believe it. I think that if I wouldn't have lunged her this morning she would have not done near as well because of all the energy she had. I don't always lunge her but I just had the feeling she was going to do fine :) I think it will depend on how much energy she seems to have on a given day! Hope you have a blessed evening!

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