Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Morning!!

Wow what a start to a week :D Ok here is how it goes. Daisy was following me around in her pasture so I let her follow me up to her barn to go get the manure fork and bucket (her barn isn't attatched to her is in a little corral). Anyway we are almost back in her pasture and I had a hold of her and she jerks her head up and takes off (I was so surprised the halter went right out of my hand). Anyway off runs Daisy. She runs up into the orchard circles back around goes down past the barn by her pasture and then runs up around the one barn again and then comes back to her corral and stops. She puts her head down and eats grass like this was her plan all along. By that time I had my two sisters and my uncle all helping me :D I put her in her corral and cleaned up the manure piles. What a scare. I had no clue if she was going to stick around or run off (I don't know if I told you guys about the time she ran off at Sharon's..also a big scare) but she stuck around and that told me she likes it here (I knew it before but it just confirmed it.). Anyway since I figured Daisy has tons of extra energy I am going to lunge her. I lunged her both ways at a trot and canter. She did really good until the one side she decided to canter and pull really hard on the lunge line (she has done this a few times on that side so I usually don't let her canter until I know I have her attention at the trot (which I thought I had but I think it wouldn't have mattered either way..she was in the mood to run and get her way not matter what) but I have always shortened the lunge line when she tried to run off with me and the lunge line and got her under control). This time I was so tired from running to get her when she got loose (as mentioned before) I couldn't shorten the lunge line fast enough and pull her in a bit so I tripped and then she stopped. (I didn't try tripping..hehe) So I got my mom to help me after that and she held the lunge rope behind me (I had it also in my hand but my mom just held the extra so if Daisy decided to try that again I would have help to hold her (hehe). Well she didn't try it again and she did really good then. I lunged her till she turned her ears toward me and lowered her head. Then I stopped her and she followed me. What a morning. I am hoping to ride her tonight if it isn't raining. I probably will lunge her again tomorrow and see how she does with the pulling..I won't be tired out then so I don't think I will need my mom's help :D Gotta love these young horses with all this energy. I sure can't wait till I can ride her and get her energy under control that way!

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