Monday, November 15, 2010


In the quiet light of the stable,you hear a muffled snort,the stamp of a hoof,a friendly nicker,gentle eyes inquire,"How was your day old friend?"and suddenly,all your troubles fade away. -Unknown

I just love this quote :) It is so true!! Anyway yesterday since I wasn't feeling so well I didn't do anything but love on Daisy..she probably enjoyed the day off...hehe! And it looks like we might get quite a bit of rain here this week so I guess we shall see how much I get to do with her. Daisy's sore is actually healing well. The proud flesh is pretty much gone and she isn't sore anymore (I press on the sore and she doesn't flinch or move at all). So I am happy. I am going to ride her bareback this week yet and we are going to see how she feels by next week and maybe then saddle her up. We shall see! I am not planning on rushing her. I hope you had a wonderful and blessed weekend!

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