Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday's Ride!!

I got to ride today when I got home from work at 3:30. I went out and tacked Daisy up. I figured I would ride in the field and maybe a tad bit on the road to see how Daisy does. I had some trouble mounting her because she was acting dumb so that is something I need to work with her! I first headed out the field. She walked nicely which was a nice change ;) I then got her to trot. She fought me a bit at first but then she trotted. It took some work till she trotted nicely, fast but nice. I was pleased. We headed out on the road which isn't busy and I figure the reason she spooked a few times is because all the times we have ridden on the road it was at Sharon's and with another horse or two. But she did good and I asked her to trot a bit. Then we came back to the field lane and we trotted some more. She earned her canter by trotting so much so I asked her to go faster and she trotted then I told her she may canter and off she went  like lightning :D I let her run flat out then I turned her around and let her run again only this time it was a canter not a dead run..that girl loves to run..I know I say it a lot but it is true!! But the nice thing is since we worked on trotting when I ask her to go faster she first goes into a trot and then I ask her again and she goes into a canter. Before she would just go into a canter. That had me happy!! So I was very pleased with my girly today!!

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