Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday's Ride!!

Tonight I rode Daisy again. I didn't ride as long as I wanted to but it was getting dark. I saddled her up and headed out the field again. I made her trot which didn't have her to happy because she wanted to go but trot she did! We trotted for a good bit and then once she did it good without acting crazy I let her canter for a bit then! She of course LOVED it :) I have a horse that LOVES to run which is good! Anyway since it was getting dark I headed back. Tomorrow if I get off of work early enough I plan to ride for a good deal longer. Part of the reason I didn't ride as long as I wanted to was because I wanted to prepare my Sunday School lesson for when I teach the youth class this coming Sunday! I had a mind block so I rode Daisy :) Hope you have a wonderful week!!

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