Thursday, January 13, 2011

Farm Show and Lightning!

He knows when you're happy, He knows when you're comfortable, He knows when you're confident, And he always knows when you have carrots.
~Author Unknown
Another one of our HC memebers is grieveing the lost of her dear horse Lightning..Please keep Joyce in your thoughts and prayers!! Give your horse an extra carrot, apple or hug today!! I know the loss of the three horses Tiranog, Petite Fleur and now Lightning has made me realize how short and sweet the time with our equines is!! Makes me treasure each time I spend with Daisy! ♥
Today I was hanging out at the farm show which is an annual show that has farm is kinda hard to explain but anyway. They had team penning today and it was really cool watching it. I saw a horse that reminded me of Daisy ;) Daisy is doing really well. Don't think I will ride tonight because I am not feeling well but hopefully tomorrow! Hope you all have a wonderful evening!!
REMEMBERING Lightning #167966 who was put down January 12 2010 due to the tumor that was eating at his face..bone and all!


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