Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wednesday's Ride!!

Today I got to ride again. Since there was snow on the ground and the road conditions weren't the best I didn't have to go to work so I won't be going in tomorrow either (I usually sleep at my aunt and uncles Wednesday nights because I work there). Anyway I put the western hackamore on today and rode bareback instead of english. I worked on Daisy's collection today again and she did really good!! Sorry for the misunderstanding yesterday..I was working on her collection first and then after that I worked on my 2 pt position not at the same time. Anyway she did really good and as you can see in the main photo she is holding her head correctly or at least better than that last picture!! After I cantered her and my sister got some nice photos (check out the collages at the bottom of her page) I worked with her some more on collection and I trotted her some. She did really well today and I haven't had much time to spend some good long quality time with her and so today was awesome for that since I didn't have to work!! I hope to do it again tomorrow but we shall see! Hope you have a wonderful day!

REMEMBERING Lightning #167966 (on Horsechannel) who was put down today due to the tumor that was eating at his face..bone and all. Please keep Joyce in your thoughts and prayers!!

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