Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Riding in the Snow with Daisy!

Tonight I rode Daisy. It was snowing but I was determined I was going to ride regardless. I saddled her up and hopped on. Before we even did anything I started seeing if I could get her to bring her head in more toward her chest as she holds her head out quite far (guess that is called collection). Anyway I worked on that but if anyone has any suggestions or exercises to work that will help me and such please let me know!! I was working somewhat on the 2 point position for me but it wasn't going so well because Daisy wasn't behaving very good. I did get her to trot nice for me though and I cantered her a bit as a reward for doing really well with pulling her nose in toward her chest. I was using the english snaffle bit and she decided to run off with me and I got her to stop and then we ran again but this time she had to listen to me :D She did and I was happy about that. But my question is what do I do or what can I do to help her learn to respect the bit (I have ridden her in the western hackamore ever since I have her and I don't believe she has ever had a bit in her mouth before now)? I know she can and will accept the bit with work. One of the things I had worked on while working on collection was getting her to stop as soon as I asked for it and she really was getting that. I don't know if I said this before or not but she is exactly the kind of horse I wanted because she wasn't taught much besides being broke to ride and being a good riding horse..other than that she doesn't know anything. Daisy is really awesome but there is a lot of things I want to work on. I want everyone's advice and then I will probably compile it all together and use what works for me. I know that really worked for Navajo and I ;) Thanks!!

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