Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday's Lunging and Daisy's Birthday!

Well my dear girl is 7 now. Yesterday (February 23) was her birthday and I was at work but I figured well I would spend time with her tonight and she is a horse and she won't know the difference...LOL. I plan to give her a mixture of grain and peppermints and maybe bananas if she likes them a bit later and I have been thinking since I got Daisy her blanket that that will be her bday gift..I have been thinking of that since I bought it and it is something she needs :D Anyway once I got home from work I went out and said hi to Daisy and got my lunge line. Not the one with the chain but the one that was completely nylon and I ran that over her nose the way I was planning on doing with the chain this time (my other lunge line had to dry..was really wet so that is why I was using this new one). I started her at a trot and she did awesome both ways..Then when she was going to the right she kept actually WANTING to canter which was a change from Tuesday when I couldn't GET her to do it :D It was kinda funny. But I got her to listen to my voice commands (something I haven't really thought of working on and I have been working on it the last while) at the walk, trot and canter and I got her to trot nicely both directions AND canter nicely in both directions. It was so awesome..I mean a total change from last time. I am so happy..I can't wait to work with her more but I don't know if it will happen this week anymore as I have youth retreat this weekend. I probably won't get to update on anything till Sunday afternoon or Monday sometime. So hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

p.s. All the snow in the picture is pretty much gone. We might have got about 4 or so inches but it sure didn't last which was fine with me :D We are getting rain at the moment!

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