Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday's Lunging!!

Sunday I had spent time with Daisy, groomed her and just loved on her. And since it wasn't too terribly cold I let her graze out in the yard. I didn't do anything with her yesterday (Monday) because it was cold, overcast and I just plain down had no motivation. I am feeling tons better but I am not back to my 100% but we as a family are taking different pills and they are really helping so I hope to be back to normal soon!

Anyway today I lunged Daisy. I started out with the chain over her nose and started going to the right at a trot. She did pretty well actually for the beginning. I kept lunging her and she just got better and better at a trot..It got to the point she didn't even pull at all gonig to the right and I was like we barely have been going long so lets work at the canter. Knowing she does so bad at the canter going to the right (it is even worse than the trot was) so I started going to the left..wow it was almost perfect. She didn't pull she just cantered very nice and she was on the circle the way she should be. Then I turned her and tried to get her to go the right (she still had the chain over her nose) and boy that didn't work. About the time I would almost have her going into a canter she would turn her nose in and then try to turn. I went down into the yard (I was up behind the barn) and got her to canter only twice but not even for a full circle. I kept trying and trying and it just wasn't working. I was getting frustrated because I know it was some of my fault not all hers. So I was like ok lets try this without the chain..that was a disaster :D She stopped listening to me because she used her nose and would pull out of the circle..I flapped the lunge line at her that didn't help. So what I did I got her to trot and then stopped because I didn't want to just keep lunging and lunging her. I figured lets end on a good note and try again sometime later. I mean what I really should have done now that I look back I should have stopped when we did so wonderfully at the trot but hind sight is 20/20 :D So both Daisy and I are still learning and slowly but surly getting better at lunging (me as the trainer and her as a horse) and our bond is getting stronger as we go. I have a few more ideas that I want to try next time that maybe will help with the canter..we shall see! And if you are wondering I wanted to have her canter because she had lots of energy :D Anyway so much for that. I should be going to work this week so I won't work with her until at least either Thursday or Friday and I have youth retreat this weekend so I won't be home till Sunday after I leave on Friday. So we shall see how much I get done with Daisy if anything ;) Hope you have a great rest of the week!

p.s. We got 4 or so inches last night so we have snow again :D I am ready for spring though ;)

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