Sunday, February 27, 2011

Youth Retreat 2011!

I had an awesome time at my youth retreat. We have sessions Friday night (one) and some on Saturday (three). Well we had two guys come in Friday who talked about their life storeis which was ver interesting. After the second speaker we had snack and spent time in the gym and played vball..then we had devotions with our little group. Then on Saturday one guy came in and talked about the Lordship of Jesus Christ in Our Lives which was split up in three sessions. Our first two sessions were an hour each and we had a 15 minute break between the two. After our second session we had a 45 min break along with snack/lunch. Then after our third session we had prayer time with the groups we had devotions with Friday and Saturday night (guys and girls seperate and then we split into small groups from there). That was awesome because we talked about what we learned and prayed as well. We ate supper then I believe. Then I know we had a time that the group that did a play that they had done for talent night they did that and also had two guys and their sister sing a song. We also played in the gym for a while which was fun (we had volleyball tournaments which was awesome!!! We had some intense playing :D :D ) Then we came in and some of us started to sing in the livingroom but we moved out to the gaurage where we ate and had the sessions and such and more people joined us and it was an awesome time of singing and being together!! Then we went upstairs and got ready for bed and had devotions. This morning we got up and got dressed. My friend and I went for a walk before breakfast came back ate breakfast then sat around for a bit till it was time for our church service! We had our church service then ate lunch and then some of us girls sang. After we had sang we sat around for a while. After a while some of us decided to go up to Governor Dick Lookout and hike up to the tower. We hiked up and climbed the tower and had a look around. Then we came back down and hung out a bit then we hiked back down and headed home. Over all I had an awesome weekend and I feel like I grew some in my spiritual life. I also had an awesome time with friends and got closer to my youth group!!

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