Thursday, March 3, 2011

Finally A RIDE!!

This evening I rode Daisy. I had decided after our last lunging session after she had finally done so well with trotting and cantering that we achieved what I wanted..maybe not to the extent I think we can do it to but I figured we worked on lunging now for a while we can start riding as it is not near as cold as it was and it is staying light longer. I put the hackamore on her and brought her over to the bucket and she stood very nicely for me!! I got on and she backed up but I got her to stop and then off we went. She went at a nice walk and didn't try to speed up. I was so pleased. We cantered twice or so and I stayed nice and straight and she did great too. Then I was talking to my uncle which was good because then Daisy had to stand was great because she stood nicely!! Then I took her back to the barn and put her blanket on again and gave her her hay!! Hope to do some more serious riding this weekend :D We shall see!!

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