Saturday, March 26, 2011

Friday's Ride!!

I did get to ride Daisy yesterday evening..I saddled her up in the western saddle and the bitless bridle. I had to adjust a few things that I had gotten Sharon to help me fix so that took a bit longer. Before I headed down to my neighbor's for her to show me how to take care of her dogs this next week while they are gone I wanted to ride Daisy a bit having adjusted the bitless bridle from the last time I rode her. I knew that Daisy had no respect for the bit at a canter and it is the same way with the bitless bridle I found is something I want to work on with her (well I didn't know what to do when I was riding her yesterday but I haven't given up and I want to try a few things that I found out that should get her to respect the bitless bridle). Anyway before I went down to the neighbor I rode her out the field at a canter and headed back at a canter. I pulled back on the reins because I didn't want her going flat out but she didn't slow down like I wanted her I see sawed and that helped a tad. But I wasn't satisfied because she didn't respond the way she should have (I also have a feeling she might need to get used to it as well but regardless she knows pulling back means stop). I did it one more time and she didn't stop at all when I told her to. I was like well I am going to ride down to my neighbors first and then do a tad more riding to give her more of a chance to prove herself. After my neighbors I went out their field and then onto the road..I wanted to see if she did differently on the road but nope she didn't..she didn't slow down like I asked (this was always at the I said I have a few things I want to work on and see if they work) and since she wasn't responding I went into the field and went in a cirlce and did a one rein stop..that stopped her. We went home then and I talked to Sharon to see what she would all say and she gave me some when I ride her again (not sure if I will today or not) we will ride in the bitless around here first and try a few things then change into the hackamore and go for a ride. Hope you are having a nice and warm weekend!!

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