Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tuesday's Lunging!!

Yesterday I rode Daisy down to my neighbors in the morning to take care of her dogs and then in the afternoon I lunged her then. It had been a bit since I lunged her but boy did she act like she had never ever done it before in her life. She tugged and pulled and all sorts of nasty stuff when going to the right but the nice and amazing thing was she was a different horse going to the left. I mean she did everything I asked perfectly. Well I couldn't hold her so I got my sister to stand behind me and if I needed her strength to help me hold Daisy she held on :D It worked..we lunged Daisy that way but I didn't feel like we really got much of anywhere. I mean she was listening better at a trot but still pulled like crazy at the canter. So we ended on a good note and I went in and read a book that my friend Andrea let me borrow on lunging. I read how to bit a horse when lunging and what to do when they want to pull. Well we tried this around 6 or so in the evening (had lunged her around 2 or 3 in the afternoon..I don't usually lunge twice in a day but anyway) and I did exactly the like the book said and she lunged PERFECTLY to the RIGHT without pulling or anything. I mean it was almost like she was going to left only it was the right side and she was doing it perfectly. I was so happy!! I didn't even have to do it long..not more 5 minutes. We quit and I loved on her and then gave her her hay :) I was just so pleased! I am off to work today but tomorrow I hope to ride her. I have some ideas on what to do with her in the bit and bitless bridles..we shall see what all adventures the next few weeks will bring :D

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