Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday's Ride!

I rode Daisy again this evening. I saddled up western and we headed out across our neighbors field. We ran across that and then walked for a bit then cantered up the field lane to the road where we trotted then walked. We waited at the stop sign and cantered across the road. I decided just of the fun of it to stop in at my aunts and chat for a while and I did. Not sure how long I chatted but it was a while. Daisy stood nice and still the whole time..I was very pleased. Then we left there and went onto the other field lane (ours) and full out ran some of it. Then I cantered home and here at home we did some trotting and walking to cool down. I was very happy with how good she did with the trotting. I got her to do it both ways around the barn then I walked her to cool her off. I am so happy!! Tomorrow I am going riding with Sharon again because my friend Lillian's birthday was today and she invited some of us girls to go riding for her bday tomorrow even though her bday is today. Don't know if I will ride Daisy but we shall see!! Have an awesome weekend!

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