Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wednesday and Thursday's Horse Stuff and Going to the Cabin with the Youth!!

Finally the pics I promised:

 Eaglefeather laying down
 All three moms
 Daisy and Speedy double hitch..this is with my family ;)
Daisy and Speedy
After work I quick stopped in at Sharon's and we got Daisy to lay down and then I rode her around a bit..I really didn't do much with her or anybody else but I did get to love on her a bit and just be with her :) I had a chorus program at a church in the evening so that is why I didn't do my usual Wednesday routine and stay at Sharon's.
Thursday then after work again I went to see Daisy. Of course of all things it was raining again..I didn't ride her because her leg was all swollen for some reason and Sharon said if it doesn't go down she will put some stuff on it..I didn't talk to her since we discussed that because I was at the cabin this weekend with the youth where we had no cell service. Anyway I will see how it looks tomorrow. Well we took the mom's and babies out first..that tok about an hr and when we got back from that we quickly unsaddled and Sharon got Curly hitched up and we drove him. I got to drive him too (my second time driving a horse ;) and that was just awesome. Lillian was there as well :D Then once we got back from driving Curly, Shasta a Paso Fino mare had arrived by that time. Ok now you have to understand something...I have seen Paso Fino's from a distance but never really up close right..well the cool thing is I GOT TO RIDE HER :) Shasta is forsale at $500 and she is registered. I saddled her up and was about to get on her and so she hops around..I got on her and she hopped a little bit but she settled down. She is hyper but she doesn't rear or buck or anything..We rode for about 45 minutes and let me tell you something I fell in love with this horse...I never saw her before Thursday never rode her nothing..Sharon asked me if I want to ride her and I was like yeah sure..I am always up for riding a different breed of horse or just any different horse and I got on her and wow did I just love her. If the people that have her on trial there at Sharon's (Shasta is another guy's horse but the people want to ride with Sharon that is why she is there) don't buy her I so want to!! I am not selling Daisy for her..she would be an adition to my herd and since I have my horse's at Sharon's anyway (and she has room) it doesn't matter if I have two horses (have to discuss this with Dad which I didn't because I don't know if she will be bought or not yet). Anyway she is on trial for these next two weeks and I plan to ride her as much as I can..LOL...I defintitely plan to get some pics of me riding her that is for sure...You guys will totally love her. Not sure how this will all work yet but we shall just see once. If she is meant for me it will all work out!! Anyway I just figured you guys would so love to know and hear about the new horse I love :)

This weekend:
Well as you know we were at the cabin this weekend..I won't go into detail because I won't be able to write it all down :D But lets put it this way..I came back home feeling refreshed and relaxed in a way I haven't felt for a while. We had lots of good food, memories, volleyball, discussions, late nights and little sleep but it was so worth it..I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!! Hope you enjoyed your weekend as well!!

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