Saturday, May 7, 2011

Patience and Friday's Ride!! (Misty, Sundance, Curly, and Daisy)

I did get to ride yesterday but I ended up riding four horses. I first rode Misty and rode her for 5 minutes first at just a walk then I rode her 5 minutes at a canter and then 1 minute at a walk before I took her thru the games. We did all the games and she did awesome!! Then I went and got Sundance and rode her thru the poles again..she did really well with that..then I went and got Curly and put the bareback pad and hackamore on him (I used the bareback pad on each of the other horses with their hackamores). I rode him thru the poles and wow he did so awesome..he actually cantered the whole way thru them like he was supposed to. I was impressed. Then we did the flag race and we got that eventually of which I was happy with! We also did the barrels :) He is such an awesome horse!! Lillian amazingly also rode him with the bareback pad and she enjoyed herself ;) Then I got on Daisy and I rode her thru the poles and wow did she do good (I was riding in the bit). She was behaving quite well the whole time I rode her.  She is just one amazing horse. We didn't go anywhere we just stuck around there in the meadow but the rodeo is today (I am going on a 2 hr bike ride with my youth group instead) and since we won't be getting ready for that anymore then we will do more things with Daisy as far as training her to drive and such!!!

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