Saturday, June 4, 2011

Wednesday and Friday's Rides!!

 I worked for Sharon Wednesday morning as normal (we are getting into a normal routine now I think :D). I rode Lightning over to Vicky's because he had to have a shoe redone and we were also taking a pony (that is Lillian's and mine now) over to a lady at Vicky that we were going to give her. She didn't want it then and Sharon said if the lady doesn't want it Lillian and I get to buy it off of her :D We did the stalls then came back. It went tons longer than we planned so we didn't do anything else. Then in the evening after I was done at work I came back to Sharon's. We took the mares and babies out on a ride then when we came back we drove Beauty in the spring wagon. I got to drive her which made me happy and so did Lillian. Then we put everything away and headed to bed. Lillian and I stayed overnight because then Thursday we were there all day too!

 On Thursday we went to one of Sharon's old friend's house. We took the big wagon with double hitch and drove over to Bowmansville (an hr). We got there unhitched the horses and Sharon's friend hitched up his work horses and we went on a most of the day drive. It was pretty cool (these horses were used to it as they work in the fiels all day). Then we came back, ate supper and had a conoe ride....After that we wanted to ride and drive the horses so the friends boy got his pony out and we drove it then I got to ride him plus Blaze that was acting like a crazy nut :D Then we left for home. It was a fun fun day!!

 I worked Friday in the morning and early afternoon then went to Sharon. :) When I got there we first blacked Bean's harness and some of the others to get ready for Saturday which is Old Heritage Day: (this is from last year). Sharon usually takes all her driving horses up and we take people for rides. We also have a petting zoo. I think it is going to be quite the fun day!! (that would be today (Saturday). Anyway then Sharon has a ride to take so I helped get the horses ready for that. Once she left I put the stirrups on Lillian and I's pony (It doesn't have a name yet..we are getting to that) and line drove it. He did really really good. He is such a cute little thing and I can't wait till we drive it!! I just drove him around the house a few times at a walk and since he did so good I just put him away! Then I saddled Daisy and Spurs (he is a horse that is there for training). Then I lunged Spurs...I started him then Bernell came in and was giving me some tips..that was pretty cool. Once we were done lunging Spurs I got on him. I rode him around the house and he did really good. He supposedly has a bucking problem but he didn't do anything last night that I know of for the girl that rode him. I left before they got back. We headed out on a ride but when we got to Fairmount trails I headed back. Daisy did really well coming home by herself..I really love that horse! Anyway that is all I have for now.

So sorry for not getting on here much at all...No online access due to not being at home!! I am going to be leaving Tuesday (7th) and getting back Sunday (12th) on chorus tour so I probably won't have any online access but I will be thinking of you guys and will hopefully have lots of pics and such to update you guys with!!

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