Monday, June 20, 2011

Friday's Ride!!

Friday I spent the day at Sharon. I got there around 7:45 and went with her to the stables (I only work at Frysville on Monday and Wednesday but Sharon also works Friday). We got done there then went home. I had ridden Spurs over to the stables and he did really good. We are using a different bit in his mouth and boy does he do tons better. He listens and pays attention more and he just over all is a better horse. He acted like he wanted to buck a few times on the way to the stables but on the way home he did really good. I was very impressed. Once we got back Sharon and I ate lunch. My cousin Sarah and her friend Lydia came to ride and I put Lydia on Misty and Sarah on Curly while I rode Shasta. Shasta did pretty well but she reared one time and acted a little nuts another but she did pretty good overall. We rode for about an hour then we got back and I hosed Shasta down and put her away. I don't really think we did to much after that because I had to leave to go do a Father's Day thing with my family. It was a fun day though :)

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