Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday's Ride on Spurs and Misc Thoughts!

Yes I know it seems like I am not riding my horses at all and it is just because the sooner I get this crazy horse aka Spurs out of here then I can spend all my time with my horses and pony and also Venus and Girly (to exercise them). I am going to be riding Daisy and Shasta on Saturday so I am looking forward to that. Also planning to ride both my girls on Friday hopefully.

About today...We rode Spurs over to the stables where I work and boy was he a brat. I figured out when he is fresh he shies at everything and canters nice but when he is more tired he is a pain in the neck to get to canter and he could care less about shieing..SO ANNOYING. He did awesome for a bit but some of the time I was not happy with him at all. Lets just say I am glad I am just training him and that he isn't my horse. I thought Shasta was bad with shieing..Nope Spurs is worse. He did pretty good though and I think after he has a few hours on him on Saturday he will do better! I am pleased with the progress I made today although he wore me out. I think once he has hours on him he will be a really great horse.
Well Sharon had a group of riders so I helped saddle all her horses up and saw them off. Then I went to get Daisy. She has been acting a bit funny lately for some reason so she walked away from me instead of coming to me. So I got her in the other corral (she was with another horse and I think that is some of it) and sent her away from me then turned my back and then she came to me. Silly horse :) Then I went out of the corral and came back in and she came right to me. She can be such a sweetheart but if she is not in the mood to come she will ignore you. I have seen that before..she can be so moody :D
Some of you may be wondering why am I buying another horse (Shasta)? Well to tell you the truth I honestly don't need another horse. I prayed about it when I first saw her and said to God.."I really like this horse and if she is meant for me then I trust you to work everything out." And he did. I honestly don't understand totally why he has allowed me to own more than one horse but I am thankful for it. I struggled with it for a bit before I knew I was getting her for sure but I decided it is in God's hands and he knows what he is doing. And everything worked out. My God is SO AWESOME :)

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