Sunday, July 17, 2011

Friday's Ride!!

Friday after work I went back to Sharon's around 4 (I went and helped them at the stables first though). Andrea, Sharon and I took the babies in the creek and let them swim then we tied them and went farther down the creek so our horses that we were riding could swim..that went well. Then on the way back to Sharon's house we met up with Cherie and her sister Andrea. We told them we had just come out of the creek and then they were like yeah they want to go too so we took the babies home and went swimming in the creek again. Only this time I rode Jack...he did totally awesome :):) THEN we came back from swimming in the creek again and Sharon had a group of riders coming. SO instead of riding any of my horses I rode Shasta's Paso Fino son Richie. He is so awesome. He is a lot like his mom but a lot more calmed down. I so like him a lot :) :) I I was so happy for the priviledge to ride him :) That was my Friday then.

For those of you wondering I didn't go to youth retreat..I planned to but ended up not feeling so well and just hurting since my adjustment at the chiropractor so I didn't go anywhere. Last night we moved Daisy and Shasta and Lillian's 1 yr old Diamond over to a pasture a 15 minute horseback ride from Sharon's. They are going to be there till the grass gets all :) I will be hopefully taking some pics soon!! <3 They will be on grass 24/7 for $10 a week there..Pretty awesome :) Once the grass is all then back to Sharon they go ;)

Oh and just for the anyhow check this link out:

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