Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wednesday's Ride on Blackie and Venus!

I got up Wednesday morning and went to the stables first thing in the morning. Since Misty needed shoes redone we took her to Matt before going to the stables. We got done record time at the stables and headed back. I called my aunt and asked her if I come two hrs earlier would I be aloud to go to Sharon's in the evening then and she was like sure. So I worked till 6 and headed over to Sharons then again. When I got there I ate some supper and put the stirrups on Blackie (remember the one that is there for training..don't have any pics of him). I rode him around the house and got him to canter good for me. He did really good with neck reining at first which he does know but then he got stubborn. I got him to do what I wanted and stayed on :D He stood really nice for me when I got on and he didn't cause me any trouble till he got tired of doing what I wanted him to do. But he gave up good and proper and then we quit. I hosed him off and put him away. Then I got Venus ready with stirrups for the ride. She did excellant on the ride...I think she remembers everything I taught her. I was really impressed. Now next time I ride her I want to ride her in the front and see how she does with that.

Sorry for the delay for all the updates. Being at Sharon caused me to not be able to update and when I was home I wasn't able to get online. Monday and Thursday evenings I am not home due to chorus practice which only lasts till the end of the month. And I was also gone Tuesday night so that night was out for updating as well. I will be gone this weekend at youth retreat (leaving Sat morn and getting back Sun sometime) so I will update you Monday sometime hopefully on how my weekend went!! Enjoy your weekend!!

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