Saturday, July 23, 2011

Wednesday and Friday's Rides in the Creek on Shasta!!

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 Shasta and Daisy in the new meadow

This week I wasn't able to be over with the horses as much as I wanted too. I saw the horses Monday for a tad and then Wednesday morning before work (Daisy had some burrs in her mane and forlock and so did Shasta..I want to cut down all the areas with burrs if they will be in the meadow for longer). After work we (Sharon, Andrea and I) went over to the meadow on Lightning, Bean and Misty. We left Misty and Lightning there and took off with Shasta and Daisy. I rode Shasta and Andrea rode Daisy. We headed over to the creek with it being so warm this week. Both Daisy and Shasta did well. Daisy really enjoyed it ;)

Then on Friday Earldean, Sharon, Lillian, Jonathan and I all headed down to the creek around 8 or so in the evening. Before we had gone while waiting for Jonathan, Sharon Lillian and I all sang some was awesome. Well once he got there we all headed for the creek and spent a good hr in the creek. It was totally awesome!!!! I enjoyed myself immensely. I rode Shasta home bareback then and she did really good. I even rode her at a canter..I was impressed :) Both my girls are enjoying the meadow but if it doesn't rain the meadow won't last much longer. So I am hoping and praying for rain ;) :) Enjoy the pics!!!

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