Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tuesday's Ride on Daisy and Andrea's 14th Birthday Party!!

Sharon and I and Lillian had been planning a surprise birthday party for our friend Andrea (she is the one that owns Sweet Pea). Anyway I distracted her by taking her shopping and then brought her back to Sharon's. I took her over to the tack room and she opens the door and everyone say's SURPRISE and walks out singing Happy Birthday. She got to go on a treasure hunt for her birthday gift which didn't come in yet but we told her she is getting a winter blanket for Sweet Pea. Then we ate some cake and ice cream. Once we were done with snack we saddled up and headed out. I used my English saddle (I finally took it to Sharon) on Daisy. Wow was it lots of fun to ride in that again and on her at that. She really seemed to like it. Lillian rode Shasta again :) We had a nice ride. Once we got back I took Andrea and Ida Ann home. Then I went back to Sharon for the night.

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