Friday, August 19, 2011

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday's Rides!!


    In the evening I went to Sharon. Before we did anything we put a fence up in the one paddock to keep the sheep and goats away from the bale of hay that is stored out there under a tarp. Then we moved some other things. Once we finished all that I put Daisy's bit in her mouth and hopped on her bareback. We rode a good hour just walking and cantering a bit. We met up with Jonathan coming back then we walked some of the way home. On the main trail headed back to Sharon there is a log that we always have to cross (till they get it removed). Anyway we were cantering and I slowed Daisy down a bit but we jumped over it. I was amazed I stayed on because she popped a bit but she did good. I want to go over to my friend Andrea's soon and do some jumping on the jump course she has set up ;) It has been a while since I have ridden totally bareback and I really enjoyed it!!
    Once we were back I rode Shasta for a little bit. Just for about 15 minutes but she did excellant. She is continually getting better with me getting on her and standing still. She can still be quite hyper but she still impresses me!

    Then on Tuesday my friend Abby from Clymer, NY came in with her whole family. I finally got to meet her dad and brother ;) The last two times I just got to meet her and her mom. We went to Sharon and rode. I rode Curly and Abby rode Daisy. I believe she really liked her ;) We did all walking but we did a lot of talking. I enjoyed it immensly. I wish so badly that we could have talked longer and been together longer but I was just thankful I was able to be with her the bit I was!!
p.s. Sorry the pic is so blurry..I have no clue what is up with our camera!

    In the morning we went to Vicky. I had a flat tire on my vehicle so I called and told Sharon I probably will be late. She said then I can just ride Daisy on over to the stable and meet them there. Well before I had even left home I made up my mind I am going to ride Daisy bareback over there. It is about 20 minutes over there with more cantering than walking. I walked some but did mostly cantering. Daisy did really good and I stayed on. I barely sore which impressed me for how much cantering I had done. Then on the way home Daisy was acting up a bit but other than that she did impressive. I was happy with her ;)
    Then again I rode Shasta for a bit. I rode her for more like a half an hour and she did good. She was hyper but she did good with me getting on her. I want to ride her tomorrow when my cousins come. Tonight Lillian and I are going to do something really fun..will tell you all about it when I update again ;)

    I rode Daisy again this time over to Ida Ann's. She works for Sharon at Vicky on Friday's...We ate supper there and talked for a while. We rode back to Sharon's before 9 and were back by 9..we then played a game (Sharon, Lillian, Andrea and I). That was a lot of fun!! Hope you all have an enjoyable weekend!!

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