Sunday, September 18, 2011

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday's Rides!

Since I rode Shasta each of these evenings (all except Friday) I figured I will just give you an idea on how it went. Shasta did really good..Monday evening we went up to Woodcrest (which is a 3 hr ride to go and come back) and I rode in the back pretty much the whole way. Shasta did her bouncy thing one time and that was it...she did good the whole rest of the time. Then Tuesday Sharon had a group of riders she was taking and I told her I could lead the group. That is what I did and Shasta did perfect the whole time even when we were going really fast across the one field and the other horses were coming on behind her. I was so proud of her :) Then Wednesday morning she did really well then too. I was so happy with how she did the whole week long. I spent some time with Daisy but not near as much as I would have liked too...she is still over on the other meadow. I want to spend some time with her and riding her this week :) I did get to spend some time with her Friday night getting burrs out of her mane...she stood really well for me. I was so impressed :) Friday evening I rode Lightning bareback for about half an hour :) That was my week!

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