Sunday, October 2, 2011


Here are the latest family pics...we took them this past Tuesday!!

 My favorite picture :)
 My kitten and I ;)

As for updateing....I have not had much time to update my blog at all in the past couple of weeks. I rode one time on Wednesday Sept 14th to Vicky and I rode Shasta but that week I didn't do any other riding. Monday (19th) and Tuesday (20th) I helped over at Bernell and Shannon's house because they were moving soon and the house needed to get ready...they moved this past Friday and now they have their horses Dusty and Kate and also Beauty there (Sharon's Beauty...He got her because he trained Beauty) instead of at Sharon's. Then this past week I got to do more riding. I rode Sunday (Last Sunday) and took Rose Mary along. She rode Sharon's Beauty, I rode Daisy (we got Daisy over at the meadow so I rode Shasta over to get Daisy then rode Daisy on the way back to Sharon's ponying Shasta) then on the main loop. That was an awesome evening. Monday evening I took 11yr old triplets riding..I rode Shasta and one of them rode Daisy...we just walked the whole way but it was so enjoyable. Then Tuesday evening I rode Shasta again and my cousins MaryRose and Sarah came riding and we went up to Woodcrest..That was a lot of fun. Wednesday then I rode Shasta again in the morning over to the stables. Thursday I didn't ride at all but Rachel and I stopped in an said hi to the girls :) Friday evening I rode Daisy and Shasta. I rode Daisy over to the stables and back again then rode Shasta when we took MaryRose, Ida Ann, Sarah and Little Andrea all on a ride. That was very enjoyable! So that was my last week and a half of riding :)

Oh another cousins (Sarah and MaryRose) have Beauty at Sharon's again. It is so awesome!!!! And my friend Lisa is coming in from Washington this week and I believe we shall have a lot of fun riding and such! We are planning to get some pics and I am hoping to get one of me on each of my horses and also on Beauty!! <3 Guess we shall see!! Hope you have a good week!!

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