Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Week with Lisa H and Pics!!

 Lisa and I with Daisy and Shasta

This week was really awesome!! I rode every day....Tuesday we took the horses to the farrier :) Lisa House came in from Washington State on Tuesday and I hung out with her for a little while in the evening after I got back from the horses. Wednesday morning Lisa went with me to Sharon and she rode Misty over to the stables while I rode Daisy..Andrea rode her own horse Sweet Pea and Sharon rode Bean!! Then Thursday Rose Mary, Rachel, Mom, Lisa and I went riding..Mom rode Lightning, Rose Mary rode Sundance, Lisa rode Misty and Rachel and I rode Daisy!! Before we went riding we took pictures (which I added...check out more of them on my blog ). Friday we didn't ride but Lisa helped me braide Daisy and Shasta's manes :) I had such an awesome week with Lisa and my family!! <3

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  1. Awesome picutres. sounds like an awesome time :) :) :)