Saturday, November 12, 2011

Friday's Ride on Shasta and Daisy!

I did ride last evening. All week I have been riding other horses and not my own :) Monday I rode Curly then on Wednesday I rode Misty to the farrier on the way over to the stables ;)

I rode Shasta first because I hadn't really planned at all to ride Daisy. It was Sharon, Sarah, MaryRose, their brother Chris, and me who all were along. Shasta did really good and didn't act up much at all. She actually only acted up right before we ran on the one field she did her hopping thing. I didn't let her run till she quit it then after we crossed the creek on the field lane she was pulling to run all out and I didn't want her too since I had let her on the field and this made her not happy so I kept her back till the group had passed us and then since she still didn't listen I turned her around and cantered the other way a bit. She did it but she was not to happy about it. But then when we headed back towards the group again she listened quite well and I didn't have to hold her back either. She does so much better. Last night was such an awesome ride. I like it that now when I go to think which horse I want to ride I don't have to say do I want to ride one that might blow up (Shasta) or one that might fight me a bit but still listen (Daisy). Now I know when I ride either of them I might start out with a bit of a problem with either of them not listening at first but eventually settling down and not dealing with a mess the whole time. I really like that. I am so thankful Shasta is turning out for the better...I am so blessed with both the horses I have..they are both awesome!

When we got back I hopped on Daisy and we just went up to Fairmount Rest Home and rode around the one home then back to Sharon. I wanted to run Daisy flat out so while everyone else went back to Sharon I went over to the orchard and ran Daisy flat out...boy did she like that ;) <3 I slow cantered back to the one field and then walked the rest of the way home. She did really good. I had fun with both girls..I groomed them both and put them away :)

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