Sunday, February 19, 2012

Monday, Tuesday, and Friday's Rides!!

Monday: I rode Shasta over to the stables in the morning :) She is back to normal again..I have no clue what was wrong with her foot for the longest time but as long as the time off took care of it and it doesn't come back I am happy. I then had chorus practice in the evening so I didn't go ride.

Tuesday: I did work with both girls this evening. I first lunged Daisy in the main ring and she did awesome...I got her to walk and trot with just voice commands and kissing lunge line and only had the lung whip as a reenforcement of my cues if she didn't respond the way she should but I didn't really need the lunge whip..I was pleased. I then got the snaffle bit and hopped on her. I rode her around the main ring just a bit and then I got her to stand nicely by the dutch doors so I could open them. It took a few tries till she finally really did what I wanted :) Funny girl. Once we were thru the doors of course we needed to close them and she did better with standing nicely and all that closing them than she did with opening them ;) Well since the last time I had ridden her in a snaffle would have been right after I got her (and that didn't go well at ALL) I knew we have a lot of work ahead of us before she will be ready to go on a trail ride. At first we just walked around the house on the circular driveway and she was responding well with turning. So I added in stopping and standing still until told to go forward. There we had a problem. The stopping she knew what to do and did well with that but the standing still part was hard for her. So what we did was if she stopped and didn't stay stopped till I told her to go she had to back up as many steps as she had walked forward. Now Daisy isn't a big fan of backing up. She can and does well but she doesn't really like it. She soon figured out though that if she stands still life will go better for her..hehe. Once she had that figured out I thought why don't we work on trotting and stopping instead of just going from a walk to a stop. Well that didn't work out so well. For one I was bareback and another Daisy got a little bullheaded. She didn't like turning the one way so when we were trotting I asked her to turn and she pulled away and I slid right off of her. I got up and we went over to my truck which I used as a mounting block. She didn't want to stand nicely so we worked thru that. Then when I did get on her she figured she could walk off without me telling her to so we of course had to back up ;) We did end on a good note though..she stood so nicely then that I got off and praised her. She can be such a silly girl sometimes. Her reward was a nice good grooming!!!
I then got Shasta out and lunged her. No attempeted to lunge her..she refused to lunge. I got her to go around me a little bit but she just wanted to follow me. I got her to lunge then I allowed her to follow me till her hearts content!! I stopped and praised her then I (without holding her) was flinging the whip all around her and she could have cared less. I was so impressed. At one point she would have been so spooked by that but she didn't care one bit. She got praised for that then I groomed her really good too :) Both girls did awesome!!

Friday: I did ride Shasta this evening on a nice trail ride :) She did really really good!! I am looking forward to this next week because it looks like I will (hopefully anyway) be getting a nice amount of riding in!

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