Friday, March 2, 2012

Monday, Tuesday and Friday's Ride!!

First off before I write about my week I want you all to check out this awesome site I found. It is a photography site and she takes awesome pics. Here is the link of one of her posts that I like (1 of 4): and here is the link to her blog: Enjoy!!

Ok now to my week (sorry I skipped a week. I didn't even write about my week due to being at youth retreat. I did ride Monday to the stables..not sure about Tuesday but I did ride Wednesday (Curly) and Thursday (I worked Daisy in the english saddle around the house in a snaffle bit..she did good with that..then I rode Curly on a ride). I didn't ride Friday due to going to youth retreat which was SO AWESOME!! I came back from that refreshed. Sorry I missed a week..hehe!!)..haha now I am really back to this week :D :D

Monday: I rode Daisy over to the stables bareback. I haven't done that for a while and I wanted to just for the fun of it ;) She did ok but on the way home she was being a bit of a brat. I do realize that her being pregnant and all makes a difference but that doens't excuse her brattiness. We worked thru it. I was aloud to stay at Sharon for some of the afternoon so because Sharon forgot about a group we quickly hung some gates and then I took Shasta on the ride. She did really well for not being used for a while (I am thinking I had used her to go to the stables the week before). I really am proud of Shasta...she is turning into one awesome horse! Then I had chorus practice in the evening.

Tuesday: I worked with both girls on groundwork. I had written out a list of goals and things I know each horse needs work on. Such as Daisy she needs some work on her WHOAing and Shasta needs more work on the ground. So that is what they got. I lunged both horses (they both did awesomely...they both followed me too) and then I just did backing and got them to move their feet around. I then got both Shasta and Daisy to stand without being tied as I groomed them. Daisy this was no big deal but for Shasta she had never done this and so it was a great accomplishment :) She stood perfectly for me! I was so pleased with both horses!! Shasta is so awesome because the more groundwork I do with her the better she gets and the more she trusts me!!

Friday: This evening I got Daisy out and we did some lunging outside (we usually do it in the main ring/roundpen). She did good :) So since she did so well I figured lets do some other stuff. She follows me anyway so I thought hey lets see what all we can do with this. So I got her to follow me nicely and we did surpentines, circles and all kinds of things like that. I even got her to trot then slow down with body language and voice commands. I was so impressed. I am glad we are progressing so well. I feel my bond with Daisy gets stronger the more I work with her!! I then did pretty much the exact same thing with Shasta with a few variations. She did good as well although she was a bit pushy..more than usual. I love both my horses and their differences. Daisy can be such a kiss up ( guess that is the word I want) because she knows I will make her work she thinks that loving on me and doing the things that I like my horses to do will make so she doesn't have to work. She has the funniest expressions sometimes too :D I had gotten treats out after she did so well and she was like "SHE HAS TREATS" and since I didn't give her one right away she just had this begging look to her..LOL. Well then she was ignoring me and I gave her a treat and she was like "TOLD YOU SHE HAS TREATS". Then when I took Daisy back to Shasta I gave Shasta a treat and Daisy was like "where's my treat" :) Overall it was an awesome evening..I so enjoy hanging out with my girls and having fun with them!! They are the best!!

Here is a picture of some trees :)

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