Sunday, March 11, 2012

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday's Rides!

Monday: I rode Curly on Monday. I am cutting back both my girl's work and amd still riding/working with them just not riding quite as much! :) He did really well! I don't really know why I like him as much as I do but I just do ;) I didn't go to Sharon's Tuesday due to Rose Mary's birthday being Wednesday (since I work Wednesday's I am not home) so we did her birthday stuff Tuesday ;)

Wednesday: We were going to ride to the stables in the morning but then to Curly being a brat we worked with him and just drove to the stables in my vehicle. Then when we got back (we got done there in good time) we went for a ride and I rode Curly. He did good for me. After we got back then we ate some lunch then we went for another quick ride and this time I rode Shasta. She did really good. I just love that horse especially since I see how far I came with her. I came really far with both my girls but Shasta I see such an improvement in..I can in Daisy too but I am just super impressed with Shasta!! Then when we got back I headed off to work for my aunt.

Thursday: I never go to ride Thursday (well not usually..I do stop in sometimes and just hug my girls and say hi to them but not ride) but it was VERY NICE out and I got off from work early. I figured instead of going home early I am just going to hang out with my girls. First I groomed Daisy and we had a little training session in that. Both girls know how to stand still when being groomed without being tied. Well Daisy figured she didn't have to so whenever she started moving away and not standing still I made her move her feet (in this case backwards). I backed her up and said WHOA. She stood good while I groomed her with the one brush and when I was ready for the next one she got tested. I walked away but before I went I told her WHOA and stay. She stayed but she thought she could walk forward a bit so I said WHOA and moved her back to where she was. Then when I got my next brush Daisy stood perfectly well. I was so happy with her. :)
Once I was totally done with Daisy I hugged her and put her away and got Shasta out. I brushed her too then I got on her and rode her around the house. Since she (Shasta) has so much go sometimes she doesn't want to walk so we worked on that. The jumps were set up in the driveway we went over them. She did good with that and she did settle down and walk nicely for me in the end.
After that I got Curly out and layed him down then got on him :) Sharon set up the jumps again (we had knocked them down with Shasta :D) and I took him over the jumps. He did really good. I was really impressed with him. Not sure how high they were but I think the one was about a foot off the ground and then we had done two foot. He has been jumped before somewhat but never really worked on it. It was fun jumping him (and I did it bareback which made it better). Once he cleared the jump when it was at 2 feet (at least I think that is how high it was..I need to measure it) without knocking it down we quit. I love that horse..haha!

Friday: I got off of work decently early so MaryRose, Sharon, Josh and I went for a ride and I rode Shasta. She was really hyper and I think it was partially because it was windy and also too because it was because I have her on grain. She did really good though and we had a lot of fun!! When we got back I brushed her then I watched Sarah do groundwork with Misha (two year old colt she bought from Sharon) and I gave her some tips on that and such. Then I did some free lunging with Daisy...she does so awesome..I love how she responds so well to my body language and she just knows what I want her to do..I love that about her. Shasta needs more explaining than Daisy but I love her for that too because it makes me THINK more how I actually tell the horses to do things...makes me more aware of my body language too. I love how horses correct you and make YOU better but the thing is WE have to allow them to then! :) Anyway have an awesome weekend and I hope you are enjoying the spring weather...also longer evenings!! <3 (if you have nice weather that is)!

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