Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday!!

Sunday: Rose Mary and I went to Sharon this afternoon. She rode Sundance and I rode Shasta. Shasta did really well but she kept wanting to speed up so I got her to canter and we cantered up in front of Rose Mary then turned around and cantered some surpentines and circles. Then I asked her to walk and she walked nicely. It was so funny how making her move her feet slowed her down ;) Overall it was a lot of fun to ride with Rose Mary again!!

Monday I rode Curly over to the stables :) He did quite well. Gotta love that horse!!

Tuesday: I didn't feel well at all this evening so I didn't ride. I just loved on both girls and hung out with my cousins and Sharon, then went to bed.

Wednesday: I didn't go to work (at my aunt's) at all due to not feeling well (We don't work at Vicky (stables) anymore so I don't have to worry about that anymore) so Sharon, Josh (my cousin) and I took Curly and did some errands. When we got back we ate some lunch and I took a nap. After my nap I took a group of riders for Sharon and I rode Bean. Then after I got back with that group I took another group. When I was done with those groups I unsaddled Daisy (we used her on the group rides...I didn't mind since I got to ride Bean..he is awesome) and gave her a good bath with soap. It was so nice and warm (in the 70's). She really liked her bath and she smelled so good. My cousin Josh had ridden Shata (she did really good for him) and so I gave her a bath too. :) Now both girls had a bath on the same day. I put both girls away and then we went and got another boarder's horse!! <3 Then when we got home I went to bed!

Thursday: Today I didn't feel well either so I didn't go to work (my aunt didn't want my flu at her house which I didn't blame her especially with the small children) so I rested till 12 then I slept till 1:30 :) Sharon had another group of riders coming this afternoon so I went along on that ride and I rode Curly. Riley (he owns Ricki) rode Shasta and she did really good for him. And a girl rode Daisy..she is so funny. One thing about her being used for rides is that she gets work and extra work like that is good for her although I am cutting down on work now that she is getting close to her due date!! Same with Shasta! When we got back from the ride I came home! Tomorrow I plan to go and ride again!! We shall see!

Check these pretty pics out:

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