Friday, April 27, 2012

It's A Boy!!, Lunging Shasta and Riding :)

To see more pics go to this link: I realize its on FB but you should be able to see it anyway!!
Wednesday: On my way to work I did check Daisy to see how she is doing and to see if she had her baby. No baby but she was showing signs of having it soon. I was at work and around 9:30 Sharon calls and says Daisy is really looking like she will have a baby soon...if you want to see it you better come. So I left work around 10 to go drop some stuff off at Sister's Day then I headed over to Sharon's. Daisy was fine and I petted her and spent some time with her then I went into the house. Well I stayed at Sharon till 2:15 then I left because I decided I want to go finish up my work at work and then come back at Sharon, stay the night and just be there all day Thursday. Well wouldn't you know half an hour after I left (Sharon was there at home by then..she had gone away the whole time I was there) she had her baby..Sharon send me a picture text and right away I knew Daisy had her baby. I was sad I missed it but I finished up my work at work (for the last time for that matter) and then by 8:00 got to see the baby for the first time. What a cutie he is. He doesn't have a name yet but I am working on it!! He is a little brown and white paint and he has a flag on his right side on his neck..Really cute!! Check out all the pics on FB (link at top of page). Note* Even if you don't have an account on FB that is fine because you can still see the photos.
Hehe I did love on Shasta after I met the baby :) Looking forward to seeing her baby!! So far Curly's baby's have all been boys and this guy is the first paint out of him!!
Thursday: Then Thursday morning of course I couldn't sleep at Sharon I had to go see my little guy and Daisy so I got up and went out to see them. I just peeked into the stall and then said hi. I cleaned out the stall and also went over to Shasta and cleaned her stall out (She is out of it during the day but in during the night). I then went in and ate breakfast with my cousins and Sharon. After breakfast I got Daisy and the foal out and took them out to the grass :) They really liked that and I got a lot of nice pics of the lil guy and his mom. Sharon and my cousin got the corral where they were going to be ready and then we put them in there so they can be outside and have plenty of place to move around along with having a nice shelter :) I did mess with the Lil Guy as far as touching him all over and I did put a halter on him :) He did better the second time which was neat!! I took it off again though. He is going to be quite a handfull I think even if he does have constant contact with me :D :D He has a lot of spirit and energy :) Love that in him though!! After a while my cousin Sarah and her brother Chris, Sharon and I went for a wagon ride (Curly was pulling it) with Sarah and Chris driving. When we got back we did some odds and end then got some lunch. After lunch we decided to go up to Woodcrest and I rode Curly up there. When we got back from that I lunged Shasta a bit over a pole in the meadow and she did well with that. After I did that I groomed both Daisy (in her corral with Lil Guy right there) and Shasta then headed home. Over all it was a wonderful day with the horses!!
Lunging Shasta!

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