Saturday, April 21, 2012

Friday's Ride on Shasta and Ponying Daisy!!

Last evening I rode Shasta most of the evening. Sharon had a group of riders and one of the people was the person I got Navajo from (not my cousin but her friend Steph). It was nice seeing her again!! Sharon rode Speedy, Sarah rode Harry (for the first time) and I rode Shasta (obviously). Anyway we had a mostly walking ride with maybe two spots of running. Shasta did well. I was using the Paso-Fino bit but when we got back I put the snaffle bit and lunged her in the meadow a bit while Sharon and Sarah were getting ready to go again (this time with Sharon riding Harry, Sarah riding their families Beauty (who by the way is going home today (Saturday) while she ponied her horse Misha). Shasta did really well with the lunging although I believe we have quite a bit of work to do with that. I got her to go over a pole (jumping pole) and around a cone. :) I thought that was good!! Then when everyone was ready to go I put the stirrups on Shasta and got Daisy to pony her. That way Daisy still gets some exercise but without a rider. We mostly walked but we did canter just a bit. Daisy did amazing :) Shasta did well too especially with having the snaffle bit and ponying Shasta. When we got back I hosed Shasta off and brushed Daisy :) I tucked them into their stalls and headed home :)

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