Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wednesday and Thursday's Groundwork!

Wednesday: Last evening I rode my friend's horse Harry. He did really well for me. When Sharon and I got back from riding I worked with Shasta a little bit. I lunged her and she did the best she has done in a long while. I was quite inpressed with her.

Thursday: I got Daisy and then I lunged her at a trot in the main ring. She did quite well and followed me. Then I gave her a nice bath. She was closing her eyes and all..she really enjoyed it. Then I tied her in the yard while I gave Shasta a bath. Both girls really needed it and it was such a nice warm day today. Once Shasta was done I let her eat a bit too and then I put Silverado (its like show sheen) and then I put both girls away. No foal as of tonight but hopefully soon :) :) If she doesn't have her foal by the end of the month I will be talking to a vet. No word about having a job yet but should know tomorrow. Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week and an awesome weekend!!

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