Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Monday and Tuesday's Rides!!

Monday: I didn't ride or do groundwork with either of my horses but I rode a friend's horse that boards where I board as well. The horse's name is Harry and he is a TB (here is the post I wrote about him in: I had ridden him last Thursday and he had done quite well. So he did really well for me this time around too!! :) I was pleased with him!

Tuesday: Last evening I rode Daisy. She is looking quite ready to have her baby and actually this morning I am going to be stopping in to check on her on my way to work. She did very good for me last evening and really seemed to enjoy herself. We did mostly walking with one spot of cantering :) She wanted to so I figured what the girl wants is what the girl gets :) Then she seemed content the rest of the way!! Oh and for those of you who don't know yet..I GOT THE JOB at the bakery..I start Monday morning. The hours are from 3-11 am..early I know but I get the afternoons to spend with my girls!! Well off to my last week of working my other jobs!!
p.s. Yesterday (4.24) was Shasta's 9th bday!! :)

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